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How can I legally keep someone off my property, if the person

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How can I legally keep someone off my property, if the person is welcome by my wife?



Please provide a little more detail. Who is this person? And why don't you want them on your property?

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Her daughter's boyfriend, because he is a very low quality and disrespectful person in my opinion, who has betrayed our trust. I don't want a person like that on our property, ever, I don't think my wife does, but she might change her mind later, especially if her daughter and this person were to get married. I won't, and I'm against their getting married.



I see. Well, if he has caused you to be concerned for your wellbeing then you could try to file a restraining order. But there would have had to be some type of altercation wherein he placed you in fear of imminent danger.


Other than that, if your wife's name is XXXXX XXXXX property then she has just as much right to allow him on as you have to say you don't want him there.


You can tell him you not want him on the property and explain that you will call the police and have him removed as a trespasser. Though is your wife is there she can say she invited him and the police will not assist.


Basically, you and your family will need to come to terms with this matter. Your legal recourse is minimal if you cannot get the restraining order.



Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Does that work both ways? say I invite a friend to my house, who is not welcome by my wife, will the police not assist (if she calls them) in this case as well?



Yes. You both own the property and are entitled to have guests in your home. It is a rock and a hard spot.

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