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I have copd, I was a smoker quit over 10 years ago, I worked

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I have copd, I was a smoker quit over 10 years ago, I worked in a factory where heat treating steel products was there main business. I used to do early "start Ups" at 3am Monday mornings, the furance would first fire up with natural gas and when they reached a certain temperature they would stitch them over to crude oil, doing this would cause large clouds of yellow smoke to bellow out of there furnaces, we found out later that the yellow smoke was sulfur smoke from the crude oil, we never received any warnings about the dangers of breathing in the suflur smoke so we went on about doing our job. Also I have lived in a town that has a lime stone quarry in it the lime dust blows everywhere and we breath it in on a daily basis. Nothing much is ever done about the lime dust blowing around town or our schools which are only feet from the quarry, so I believe that between the sulfur and lime dust my lungs are about at 50% usable. That quarry dust may well have something to do with my wifes cancer too, she was born and raised here 64 years she breathed in the dust and never smoked

You both may have a toxic tort claim against your employer and the the quarry for the toxic air that you've breathed.


First, you have to have your doctor provide a diagnosis/opinion that your health problems are caused by these factors. If you can get this done, you have a prima facie case against these businesses.


My suggestion is that you see a personal injury attorney in your area (you can find one at, discuss your problems and determine whether you have a factual scenario to file suit.

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