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I had several false claims made to the

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I had several false claims made to the police that the police discovered were not true upon arriving on the scene. 1) Was that I had threatened the person 2) That I was ordered by the court not to be on the property I was advised by my friend who is an attorney (but this is not his specialty) to document this and get a copy of the report. Below is what I documented and will be supported by the police. Basically it's a jealous ex-husband who can't handle anything like a man. At approximatley 3:05 pm on Monday July 5th XXXX XXXX and myself  arrived at XX XXXX XXXXX, XXXXXXXX and parked on the street as XXXXX was there to recieve her children from her ex husband XXXXXXXXXX who was also parked in front of the house. We got out of the vehicle and proceeded toward the house. When XXXX saw XXXXXX and myself approach He exclaimed “XXXXX are you f**kING KIDDING ME?, what the f**k is he doing here” (in front of the children). I had continued to approach XXXX to introduce myself and offered my hand for a handshake as an introuductory gesture and had said to him that I wanted to meet him and introduce myself. He shook my hand then abruptly told me to “get the f**k off of his property” and then repeated that several times. I tried to reason with him Saying I am simply here to meet you and introduce myself. He then came within a close proximity of my person and told me to “get the f**k out of here, or else” to which I remarked “ or else what? are you going to do something?” he then said “I’m calling the cops and telling them you threatened me”. I said “call them, I’d be happy to tell them the truth about what Transpired”. We then waited for the Newton Police to show up. The police talked to all three parties present and determined that there was in fact no threat made to him and in also pointed out to him that he was not allowed (per a court order) on the property and that I was completely in my right to be on the property if I so desired. One of the officers on the scene that talked to XXXX also pointed out that in fact he had told the officer 3 different stories which also confirmed to the police that his call and story was bogus and fabricated. He even went so far as to fabricate the existence of a court order banning me from the property which was yet another lie as there was no court order. He also asked to police to go on record saying that the kids were left alone in the house when we were outside the home talking to them, which they dismissed immediately as absurd. We checked on the kids and they were fine and the door was open and two officers were on the lawn, so clearly that was a lying ploy that XXXX intended to try to use for some sort of retalitory benefit. The police said that nothing occurred other than him being a jealous ex husband and that we were completely in our right and that future drop-off should be made a neutral location as XX XXXXX XXXXXXXX seems to be non-conducive drop off point for XXXX for whatever the reason. To summarize: In the span of a half an hour or so, XXXXX unauthorizedley threatened me to leave property that was not in his right to do so, lied that he had been threatened and falsified to the police that there was a court order Banning me from the residence.

In addition to turning in this statement, you could sue the person for abuse of process, malicious prosecution and making/filing a false police report. These charges could get him in hot water for calling the police under false pretenses.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Thank you. Are there specific attorneys that I should look for that specialize in these matters? I would imagine the Mass Bar can direct me?
If you file criminal charges against the person, the county prosecutor will help you with these charges. If you want to file a civil case (which you can do as well), you would need to find a personal injury attorney. You can search for one by location and area of law at
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