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Jonathan Leventhal
Jonathan Leventhal, Attorney
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I file for er custody for my child it was denied my lawyer

Customer Question

I file for er custody for my child it was denied my lawyer says to keep her any way childern services is involed and I got pic were she was hit my little girl is 4 she said her mom did it with a shoe will I get in trouble by law if I don't take her back
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Legal
Expert:  Jonathan Leventhal replied 7 years ago.

Your attorney is wrong and is advising you to break the law. You must take your child back. However, take a picture of your child prior to dropping her off. Have in the picture that days newspaper to show the date.


Notify child services that you are taking the child back and the danger she is in.


As a final step, CHANGE LAWYERS AT ONCE.



I hoped I have answered your question to your satisfaction.


Jonathan Leventhal, Esq.


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