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I just recently bought a car about couple of months ago of

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I just recently bought a car about couple of months ago of this year in January a new ford fusion sport 2010 then just now the insurance is going to expire in July of 2010 then i got some offers from different insurance company's and most of them are charging monthly 500 dollars and up per month full coverage is it because i am 22 years old? or is it because i bought a new car? or because of both reasons? or because i am in Miami Florida, can you also tell me what car should i buy for low issuance rates, also should i sell this car and get a other car? or should i put this car in my grandfather insurance to get the veteran discount insurance is that possible or they will still know i am driving it? anyways i remember about 3 years ago i drove a Pontiac which was a 1994 sunbird used and they charged me 150 dollars per month which wasn't even full coverage, the interesting part about couple of weeks ago i got a letter telling me they was going to charge me 49 dollars per month for my new ford full coverage then as soon as i told them i live in Miami Florida all hell broke loose :( i think they were some agency that finds insurance for you also i have had no tickets and why the high rates? what if i put a car in my Grandfather name and i drive it? and if i get into a accident by someone else fault the insurance won't help me because i am not the owner? or it doesn't matter?

It is for a number of reasons. First of all, your insurance will be higher than usually until you turn 26. Many rental agencies won't even let you rent a car until this age due to the insurance issues. The fact that you got a new car that is also a sports car is not helping you as those have a higher collision rate. The fact that you live in Miami, which is a very urban area with lots of cars and accident rates also makes your rate much higher than usual. An older used car with four doors that is not considered a sports vehicle will garner you a cheaper insurane rate. If you don't get full coverage, that will also be considerably lower.


If you use your grandfather's insurance, this creates an issue because if you get into an accident, you may not be covered depending on the situation, especially if they find out that your grandfather is not the primary driver of the vehicle.

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
thanks i might as well sell this car since i bought it and it doesn't have not many miles at all should consider your answer in buying a used car like a year 2005 or something prehaps a hummer

Hummers have high insurance rates because they are considered luxury vehicles and you're still 22 so I wouldn't suggest a Hummer. A Honda Civic should have a normal rate. What you can do is actually call your insurance agent and ask him to price some insurance rates for different cars for you and then you can decide what you want.


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Customer: replied 7 years ago.
oh a honda civic! good idea but of what year? Winktitle="Wink"/>
Not new, I would say 2006 should be fine but I would call you insurance agent to find out the different rates for different years of car Make.
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