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i bought a house, under homested, single family, 15 months

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i bought a house, under homested, single family, 15 months later rented it to diffrent people. the home owner asso,gave notice then they suid me for renting against the deed.its in houston harris county, texas what i do ? i have health issue cant get a job


Did you read the deed?

Does it prohibit you from renting it out?

Have you filed an answer to the suit?
Customer: replied 7 years ago.

no i did not. closing day my realter told me just keep on signing you dont have to read. there were probably 200 pages. most likely it does, i learned later. i havenot answered yet.





Did you get copies of the paperwork after you signed it?
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
yes, but i never took time to read it. beside, now i misplaced all, in three years.its in my closet or where i dont know
It is important that you locate a copy of the documents that you signed. Without them, there is really not much information I can provide you. You already know that you will have to file an answer or risk a judgment being rendered against you by default. Typically, though, an answer includes defenses. In this case, you don't have the papers that you signed and you don't know the terms you agreed to. Those documents define your rights and responsibilities and will determine whether or not they have a case against you; those documents will also help the court to determine whether or not you have any valid defenses. If you are unable to locate the papers, then you may want to contact the Realtor, lender, closing law office, and clerk of court's office to see if anyone still has copies of the documents for you to review.
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