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Hello- I live in the state of Pennsylvania and my dog accidentally

Customer Question

I live in the state of Pennsylvania and my dog accidentally got loose and bit a dog that
was being walked past our house on a leash. The woman walking the dog, which belongs
to her mother is an attorney and is well-versed in the PA Dangerous Dog Laws.
Animal Control and the Magistrate have served me with a summons for harboring a dangerous dog, even though my dog has never bitten a human and the dog that the did bite required stitches and antibiotics but is going to be fine.
Lastly, we live on a private street adjacent to woods and a park and people use it as a cut through to get to the park rather than using the designated entrances. We actually own the street in front of our house, so in a way my dog was reacting to trespassers.
I have no problem installing a fence--it has already been ordered. My dog is presently at a canine training facility for at least a month for his dog-dog aggression. I just really
do not want him to have to live in a pen and where a muzzle, as will be required if he is classified as dangerous. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Marian Nabors
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Legal
Expert:  Richard - Bizlaw replied 7 years ago.
How did the dog accidentally get loose? Do you know how many stitches did the other dog have as a result of the attack? Have there been any prior incidents of dog attacks? Is the street that you claim is your property part of a town maintained street even though it is not a through street? On what basis do you say the street is your property?
Customer: replied 7 years ago.

1. The back door of our house was not closed properly. It was a windy day and the door blew open.

2. I do not know how many stitches were required but I do know that my dog inflicted a puncture wound
with one or two teeth. The treatment included a drain and antibiotics for ten days.

3.My dog has acted aggressive towards dogs i the park next to our house, but there has never been
an incident like this before.

4. The residents of Youngwood road, which is a private street own the actual street property and must
pay to have it paved. There are designated entrances to our neighborhood park, but people
walk down our street and cut through the woods for their convenience. Many people , children and dogs go past our house every day as a result---for team practices, walking to school, dog walks, exercise, etc. I hope this helps. Thank you. Missy Nabors
Expert:  Richard - Bizlaw replied 7 years ago.

The dog bite law applies to attacks on people. For attacks on animals it has to cause severe injuries and what occurred does not seem severe. On the way the dog got out it may or may not be negligence. From what you say, you will be responsible for the medical bills. I do not know that you can claim the trespassing argument as the street seems to be common area owned by residents on your street so I do not think you can make the trespass argument.


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