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In the State of New Jersey, as a defendant in a Civil Action

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In the State of New Jersey, as a defendant in a Civil Action Complaint, and just after filing the Answer along with a counterclaim,and realizing that an article of my demands was left out of my counterclaims closeing. . How can one add an article to a counterclaim.? is such a thing possable , or even heard of..Perhaps a form filed?? and if so could you inform me of what form, or process? Sincerely
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Lucy, Esq. :

You can actually amend your answer.

Lucy, Esq. :

Because you have counterclaims, you can only amend your Answer before the plaintiff responds to them.

Lucy, Esq. :

So, all you have to do is take the Answer, add what is missing, change the title to "Amended Answer," and then serve a copy on the plaintiff and file it with the court.


even if it is actually in the counterclaim to the answer?

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Yes. As long as you file the amended pleading before they reply to the Complaint, under Rule 4.9, it's allowed. They will get additional time to respond - 20 days from whenever you file the amended answer and counterclaim.