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I contacted an attorney and paid him $750 to apply for guardianship

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I contacted an attorney and paid him $750 to apply for guardianship for my elder mother who is 78 year old with person with alzheimer. He did not provide me with any paper or contract retaining him or any description of his serves. In the beginning i was inform that the total cost will be $1100.00 including court cost. Now he inform me in a invoice that his serve will be $1500.00 plus $446.00 for court cost which now total to be
$1945.00. My question is can I request my money back? He stated that i will lose my $750.00 for his time. What are the normal fee for guardianship?
Attorneys charge different fees and he should have had you sign a retainer agreement with a clear explanation of his charges. With that said, 1500 plus costs is a reasonable fee. You can certainly file a complaint with the state bar and they will investigate.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
If 1,500 a reasonable fee, if I stop the process now, can I request a refund?
If you only paid 750.00 I doubt that you will receive any refund.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
The attorney can keep the 750, no papers filed in the courts, the only serves provided forms given to me requesting personal information on my mother and her assets, an invoice stating his charges, plus court cost. He has also prepared/mailed letters to my two sisters to review and return to his office. Do you think I have a compliant to the Bar if he's not willing to refund at least half of the 750. As of today no retainter agreement has been provided to signed. Also could you provide me a contact number for the Bar Association?

Here is the number to the bar
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