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I was working for a company for almost two years as a on call

Customer Question

I was working for a company for almost two years as a on call worker and got terminated for texting a staff/family member off the clock when i got home that disrespected me on the job, tried to assault me, and also broke 3 of the companies rules while we were working on the same shift. The staff/family memeber not only tried to assault me he also made phone calls to my girl friends phone in a unprofessional way.
   Not only did i get suspended with out pay, i also got terminated and the job is trying to stop me from getting unemployment as well. Now not only was i treated unfairly, the other staff/ family member went back to work when overall the other staff was the one who broke more then one rule while working on the job and i followed all the rules while being on shift the day of the incident. Now i feel that because i was making a lot of money while being a on call staff, i was treated unfairly.
   And after the staff got hired back he called my girl friends phone again to let her know to let me know that he was back working again. Do i have a case...........I can send a detailed description of what happened if u can help me.   
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Legal
Expert:  Alexia Esq. replied 7 years ago.

Hi jacustomer,


WHile we are not allowed to take on cases here nor provide attorney/client relationship, we can answer a legal question if you have one. Let me know what you would like to discuss about this, in particular. Is it the question, "Do I have a chance of winning Unemployment benefits?" If so, please provide the details of your text message to the other coworker. Thanks. Also, please let me know your State.