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I was riding my motorcycle on the way to work. A dog ran out

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I was riding my motorcycle on the way to work. A dog ran out right in front of me and I hit it and I went crashing. I got all scraped up and the works and the bike needs alot of work now. i have liability insurance. What would be the best thing to do in terms of getting the bike fixed? because I dont feel I should have to pay for it because it was there dog that ran right out in front of me. On top of that they were complete A-holes to me when i got up off the ground saying I should have took a different road which angers me more.
You can try a civil suit but this could be costly and you would probably need an attorney in order to raise you chances of winning. Or you could try filing your own small claims suit. If the dog was owned by these people and due to the dog's actions, you were injured and your property was damaged, then they could be held accountable for your damages. Try to go to your local court and ask them for the small claims division. They can let you know the dollar amount limits and the cost of filing a suit, which should be low. If it is determined that the dog wasn't supposed to be there and that you had the right of way, there is a good chance that you could win. Then, you would need to collect and if these people work, you have a good chance of that as well.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
the dog was not suppose to be on the road so im sure i had the right of way its a small road no curbs so there lawn goas right to the road and the dog was standing there, saw me coming, and scurried out directly in front of my front wheel. It was a real small dog i didnt even see it since it came from the side of me i didnt even know i hit a dog until i got up off the ground. i dont really care that im injured and had to call off work the past few days since my arm and shoulder are badly skinned plus the soreness in my leg and back i really just want my bike fixed which i dont think i should have to pay out of my own pocket to fix it because of their dog but i see what your saying. So you think going to my local court and filing a small claim is my best option? I was planning on calling my insurance and asking them tomorrow but i just dont know.

Since you only have liability, they wouldn't really be able to help you and unless these people have dog insurance, which they probably don't, you can't really do much but sue them unless they agree to settle with you.


Thus, you should probably go to them first and ask them to settle for a certain amount or tell them you will sue. Since you're saying they're not the greatest of people, they will probably not settle. If the dog went off their property onto the open road, it is their responsibility to keep the dog off the road, which could create a road hazard like it did here.


Of course, if you're filing a small claims case, you are risking not winning the case and still having to pay the fees to file.

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
these people were very angry with me for hitting their dog (they have 2 dogs the exact same kind). i dont want to go up to their house and speak to them about it they didnt even help me or ask me if i was alright even though it was obvious i was in pain. they all just ran to the dog and yelled at me while i was on the ground. what makes me even more mad is i went by in my car the day after and the other dog is still just roaming the yard not on a chain or leash or anything. They didnt learn anything so they dont think it was wrong of them to not at least have a chain in the yard like we do for our dog so they most likely wont settle. I guess i will take ur advice i mean whats the most the small claims fees would be? just an estimate would be fine and ill decide if i think paying that is worth the risk of losing. and then ill accept your answer and pay you haha
Fees can range from $100 to $300. You can also try to report the dog to the police depatment because at least they could issue a citation and then you would have a stronger civil case.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.

i calld the police from my cell phone right when it happened and they came.. I dont know if they got a citation or not for the dog. They didnt tell me.

Having a police report would have helped but if you don't have one, youcan still sue in small claims so I would say that this is your best chance unless you want to send them a letter first.
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