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my granddaughter had to put her horse down because a shavings

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my granddaughter had to put her horse down because a shavings company delievered shaving with black walnut which is poison to horses the horse cost $30,000 and the vet fees for 51 days of care is $10,000 we hired a lawyer to send a demand letter and me and 6 other people just got served with a dedimation law suit. we have the invoice the shavings were ordered from the receipt and Texas A &M did the toxology report how can we be defaming with all this evidence.
It would be my estimate that the defimation law suit is just an attempt to get you and the others to drop your law suit. Unfortunately some people would back down but I dont think you should based upon what you have shared with me. Truth is a defense so based upon your proof that is the defense to the defamation claim which is also you proof to be successful to recover for the horse and vet bill. Hang in there and dont give up
Customer: replied 7 years ago.

Thank you so much, if you could. The Attorney we hired for the demand letter has said we can not proceed until this matter is settled, is it possible to settle this and the recieve payment for the loss in one suit. This all so new to me we live in Florida and I never thought we would have to defend his wrong doing not to mention the devestation to my grandaughter. A local news station found out I don't know if you can click on the link



If you settle the defamation suit based upon the terms it could negatively affect your litigation for the horse. I don't know why your attorney wants you to resolve the defamation matter first except perhaps to make your suit easier in as much as once it is determined you did not defame this person, then that also means you facts are true. However, if you wish to sue for the death of the horse you still have that right.
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