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can I sue my mother in law for alienation of affection. love

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can I sue my mother in law for alienation of affection. love was destroyed and malicious conduct contributed caused the loss of affection.
If I have her on a audio tape saying that she wanted to have me taken out west and have my body dumped, would that be a threat or conspircy, or what.??
If I own a business and she owned the building and property, can she come in and start painting and changing my business around without permission, since I do pay her rent.
Do I have a case against her.????
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Are you still married or divorced?
Customer: replied 7 years ago.

We have been seperated since 10/09. I live in a small apt on the property, but he lives in the bigger house on same property.

Because we own a bussiness together, I have had to look for other employement. It has taken me 5 months. we still have to work in the bus. together. I have found another position at the local hospital and start on the 24.

Do you have a copy of the written lease agreement re: the business property?
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
NO! She would not give us a lease. but the first three years we did have one. My X said she is my mother and we don't need a lease. ( and look where I am today) we are on a month to month
As a general matter, no, a mother-in-law cannot be sued for alienation of affection. I think that the courthouses throughout the country would be flooded if such lawsuits were allowed/recognized against mothers-in-law. :)

If there was not a written lease regarding the business property which restricts her right of entry, etc., then, for all practical purposes, is retains 100% rights to access the property and do whatever she wants to it at her pleasure. In other words, the lack of the written lease agreement means that you do not have any leverage to keep her out (even a little bit).

Good luck and best wishes for better days ahead. I hope that you find this information to be helpful and this answer to be ACCEPTable!
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
what about the alienation of affection? that was my first question.
As I indicated before, as a general matter, no, a mother-in-law cannot be sued for alienation of affection.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
even if she is the reason that we have seperated
That is correct.
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