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can i sue the lawyer that i had in my auto accident for mis

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can i sue the lawyer that i had in my auto accident for mis lending me in to beleiving that he was going to sue the driver of the gov. truck that ran into the car i was a passenager in,i think he did to get my money out of my settlement because i went to him only to see if he could find out about the status of my claim i had all ready file my self 6 months prior to seeing him,i did not go there for him to sue any one,and also you can not sue a gov employee and the gov.both for the same accident ,then he settled my claim for half of what i ask for and then made me paid hospital bills out off it and he fix it to were it was 1/3 of my settlement and he kept a 3th of it ,and i got a 3th minus the police report he sent for that he did not need,he did nothing for me but cost me money ,he had about 2 hours involed for what i needed done and that was a phone call and a letter to the usps, was i done fair/

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If a lawyer acts contrary to the instructions of a client and as a result the client suffers a financial loss, the client can sue for legal malpractice. Before taking any steps toward suing, to be better prepared, and to protect yourself, first make a list of all the things on which you gave him instructions which the attorney did not do; Then list how you suffered a loss.


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Customer: replied 7 years ago.
i think i read some where that a head injury was worth more when it came the making a settlement with an insurance company from and auto accident ;is this true,/ and after 3 weeks of the head injury my child can't remember anything much now,also in a head on wreck shouldn't the air bag come out,?had it of deployed she may not of hurt her head,what can i do with that case?