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My Husband is very wealthy; however, he is currently serving

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My Husband is very wealthy; however, he is currently serving time in prison (5years). Though he does have the means to do so, he has offered me no finacial support in his absence. for the past 2 years I've supported myself working sometimes 70 hrs a week waiting tables. It has been very stressful; and he is very demanding of me, therefore, I'm concidering divorce. My husband has threaten me that I must first return my engagement ring before he will agree to sign any divorce papers. My husband's attorney has also sent me a letter stating that my husband will file a suit against me if I refuse to do so. Am I obligated to return my engagement ring to him or are they just bullying me because Im just a simple waitress?

Thank-you for your time'

No, an engagement ring constitutes a gift and you are not obligated to return it to him and he is only attempting to use scare tactics to get you to cave into legal pressure. You should refuse to return the ring and are free to do whatever you wish with it.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
I have done nothing but supported him through all of this. I told him our marriage was probably not a smart choice and mistake due to the circumstances. I have fulfilled my obligations above and beyond as his wife. His attorney metioned in the letter the word "mistake" I used and stated that because I said "mistake" that I must return the ring. I'm scared of all they threaten to take from me if I refuse to do so even though I have done nothing wrong. I just need a peace of mind. Thank-you.
I wouldn't cave into those scare tactics. In reality, the most they could possibly take from you would be the ring itself, but since it is considered a gift, it cannot really be taken from you, so I recommend to continue to 'stand tall' and not cave into his lawyers' threats. I would also recommend finding someone else to care about, as it seems that your loyalty to your husband has definitely not been repaid in kind. Best of luck.
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