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divorced and I won the house and my car. He says he is going

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divorced and I won the house and my car. He says he is going to sue me to get his name off of the loans. Of course he still has credit cards that he is responsible for that are still in my name. Anyway the car is financed by chrysler financial and they said they do not refinance anymore and the only way to get his name off the car loan is to refinance. We had an interest up front loan and all the interest is paid off and all i have left is the principal. What will happen if he takes me to court? and my credit is bad because of my name still being on his bills and of course the divorce and i can't get approved for a house or car refinance?
He will lose, since he is still at least jointly responsible for the loans and other items that are in both of your names and will have to pay at least 50 percent of the amount that he owes on the loans.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Even if the divorce decree says that I have the house and the car?
He will still have to make payments on the house and the car, unless the decree stated that his loans were entirely forgivable when you got the house and the car.
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