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Category: Legal
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My name is James Bowes,,,,ive been on my job for 8 yrs..a

Resolved Question:

My name isXXXXX been on my job for 8 yrs..a racial slur had been said while in the breakroom...i am a black man..this guy started to use the word ni**er...after that the problem was adressed from the plant manager.i was told the problem had been solved and it would not happen again,,for a week it was ok.After that i went to the guy that said this and tried to order some parts that's needed to finish a job.he answered in a very harsh voice to me..this makes the scond time someone has said that word in my presense..i am sick of this.If the boss had stop this action the first time then maybe it would have been over now its getting worse..can u tell me if i can sue this company,,please help,,thank you and also i feel like i have been harresed since the incident has occured.
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Legal
Expert:  WALLSTREETFIGHTER replied 7 years ago.
do you feel you can not perform you duties?
Customer: replied 7 years ago.

No i cannot perform my duties..this employers has 4 motor shops..there are 400 employees..

Expert:  WALLSTREETFIGHTER replied 7 years ago.
You should then file a complaint to the local EEOC office, and be able to show the previous statements made to the HR, if you did not send a written letter send one now stating you feel you cannot perform your duties due to the racist remarks. Than file your complaint after a few weeks if nothing is done. Documentation is important in these cases.

The law states you must reasonably believe that tolerating the hostile work environment is a condition of continued employment. In other words, the victim or witnesses typically must reasonably believe that they have no choice, but to endure a hostile workplace in order to keep their jobs.
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