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my son was in jail for 30 days was suppose to be 60 got out

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my son was in jail for 30 days was suppose to be 60 got out early jail was crowded was in for retail fraud!! went in on march 22 march 24 was suppose to go to court in a city near by for a ticket he wanted to appear for (no proof on insurance(has the proof to show) and driving on a suspended license which the reason license was suspended was a no seatbelt ticket that he did pay so now what do we do hire a lawyer and we cant really afford 1 lost his job while in jail what a mess actually!!
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Customer: replied 7 years ago.
do we need to hire a lawyer to go to court with my son that's how he ended up in jail he pleaded guilty instead of not guilty and they told him he either payed $1000.00 fine or go to jail for 60 days ... he didn't know what to do now when he goes to take care of this other thing r they going to slap him with another fine he knows he's got to pay but what would a lawyer cost to help represent him you really don't know what to say when you're in front of a judge
Yes, your son should be assisted by an attorney. If he cannot afford to hire an attorney, then, when he goes to court, he should ask for court-appointed counsel.

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