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I have a legal question concerning a stolen motorcycle. I had

Resolved Question:

I have a legal question concerning a stolen motorcycle. I had a motorcycle stolen last November. I filled out a police report regarding the incident when it happened. Directly afterwards,I moved and struggled a lot with many changes in my life.I almost had to file bankrupcy but managed to start pulling myself out of having to do this gradually. I have collateral insurance(which if I understand correctly also covers stolen property)on the motorcycle through American General Finance who I had the original motorcycle loan through.Currently, my motorcycle title is locked in a collateral loan that was the best decision at the time to help pull accounts out of collection on my credit. For one reason or another, I haven't filed an official report(called DEC2009, talked to a rep who said call a HQ which didn't help)with my American General regarding the stolen property.What directions can I take?I want to file claim but affraid AMGEN will say too late, pay in full which I do not have.
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Legal
Expert:  NewYorkLaw101 replied 7 years ago.
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Sorry to hear about your situation
You may face a problem with late notice with AMGEN - the only way to know for sure is to report the claim - in addition, if in fact your title is locked in a collateral loan, that insurer has a right to know that the motorcycle was stolen as the title in and of itself has no value since you no longer have the motorcycle even though yo y continue to pay on the loan- You should consult a local attorney as you may have an uphill battle with the insurance carrier in trying to explain the late notice.
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Customer: replied 7 years ago.

Will the motorcycle be stuck in the collateral loan regardless if I pay the portion of the loan equal to what they valued the property on contract?

Expert:  NewYorkLaw101 replied 7 years ago.
Depending on the terms of the collateral loan it may be stuck in the collateral loan - but the problem is since the motorcycle is no longer in your possession you may have other issues
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