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My father is a resident at the veterans home in Yountville

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My father is a resident at the veterans home in Yountville Ca. He has a will,revocable trust and power of attorney (myself designated). He owns primary residence, rental home,and stocks(I sign as agent but receive no monies). He contributes 47% monthly income (1100).Actual cost exceed this and the difference is tracked over time. He has a will and a revocable trust. Should he pass away as a resident I was informed that the state of Ca. will seek compensation for the difference of contribution vs. actual cost over time. Is this correct? Are accounts having two signatures exempt? Is his primary residence exempt? Would it be prudent to change titles on the homes (to Dad and I) despite reassessment consequences? His concern is preserving as much of his estate notwithstanding an equitable solution with the Veterans home. Please advise. Thank you from two long-time listeners.
Who's paying his bill medicaid or who??
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
He receives approx. 1200 social security and receives medicare. My father is a Kaiser member and uses these services but also can use VA medical. His 47%contribution comes from out of pocket money which is a combination of rent, social security and interest income. He pays. I trust that answers your question. Thank you. Paul Mersereau
Unless he receives medicaid here the state would not be seeking recovery .The estate recovery program is mandatory in all 50 states and seeks to recover funds expended under medicaid for long term care(nursing home)only.

Here is reference with rules and application.

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Customer: replied 7 years ago.
In summery, because my father contributes out-of-pocket without benefit of Medi-Cal or Medicaid, his estate will be exempt from lien and/or compensation for differerences of incurred total billed costs minus his monthly contribution. This is correct? Thank you
That is correct he would not have liability or his estate.Neither wold have to repay here.