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I am being sued in small claims court for refusing to pay the

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I am being sued in small claims court for refusing to pay the balance of $500 to a contractor for poor work in repairing my basement after water damage. For the most part all I have are pictures of his poor work...wholes in the walls, bad paint job, no insulation in certain areas and the mess he left behind. Will this be enough to support why I didn't pay him? If this isn't enough what else should I try and get to support my case?


Yes, pictures of the poor work done should be enough to convince a judge that the contractor shouldn't be paid. But if not, there isn't much you can do. The judge will explain to you the procedure to appeal (if any) but for $500 it really isn't worth it, you would pay more to appeal it.


At small claims court, most people aren't represented by an attorney so the judges aren't as strict about the rules and procedure.


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Customer: replied 7 years ago.
I would also like to counter sue the contracter for $600, which is the amount I had to pay to have his work this a good idea?

Yes, you can definitely add that to the case. It won't hurt your case any. It would also be good for you to either ask the contractor who did the work to appear as a witness to the poor workmanship of the first contractor, or at least give a sworn statement (a statement that is notarized) saying that he had to correct work that was below normal standards.
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