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Alexia Esq.
Alexia Esq., Managing Attorney
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I want to sue my ex-husband for emotional abuse but I live

Customer Question

I want to sue my ex-husband for emotional abuse but I live in Florida and have not found lawyers that do this. Only for physical violence, of which there was some but I never called the police. The emotional damage has left worse scars. Is this possible and how can I find a good attorney if so?
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Legal
Expert:  Ellen replied 7 years ago.

Thank you for your question.

an action for emotional abuse is very difficult to prevail on unless there is corresponding physical injuries. However here is a link that may assist you in finding local counsel:
Customer: replied 7 years ago.

Thank you for your reply but I know about It didn't really answer my questions. I have evidence of damage, the fact he did it and knew what he was doing. I went to the clinic ran in CA by Dr. Danial Amen for depression and told it was a direct result of my relationship and that I would probably have to be on medication the rest of my life as it had gone on for so long, changed my brain and a counselor, who I understand could testify, as she saw each of us individually and together who diagnosed him a borderline narcissist and me with post tramatic stress syndrom due to the abuse. She suggested anger management for him and he went one time, only because it was a conditon I made after I left him. I have the paper he wrote on for the class admitting to intimidating me to control me. THe last 10 months of our marriage he took all the money, forcing me to take borders to pay utilites, my house into foreclosure. By mediation I had no money available for anything much less attorneys and forced to take an very unequal settlement made worse 2 days later when he signed an undisclosed short sale of the 2M liability property he took to match 2M liabilities given me. I have witnesses to his throwing me thru the window in my office, giving me a black eye, choking me saying he would kill me while going thru the divorce. He twice lunged across my desk at me having to be pulled back and everyday, dispite an interim agreement he signed agreeing to stay out of my office in our self owned business spent the entire day there yelling at me and accusng me of stealing and other things. I have on tape yelling at me, telling me as president he was firing me, even though I owned 50% stock in front of key employees, tenents and friends and he went to the bank, telling the loan officer I was the one stealing money to insure I could not get a loan. I only called police once though, which was when he swung and missed in my office, from fear he would return. They only made him leave the property and advised me that I could file an injuction. I do have a letter from my attorney to his regarding the choking. My attorney told his that I would not press domestic violence charges if he would move from the house, which he did. He made things so bad for me He sent employees home if they spoke to me and turned so many against me with promises of power or money.Even telling me that if I needed money I was to ask my former secretary, who now was on his side for it and she would decide if and how much I could have! EventuallyI was no longer able to go to work and oversee the income/expenses, at which time he started taking everything, paid nothing, refusing to let me see any paperwork. After getting the business in the divorce he didn't return the proper amount and I almost went out of business due to the amount of blls he didn't pay. I was such an emotional mess that I was almost hospitalized. After 30 years, he had planned and almost succeeded in obtaining everything we had worked together to earn, leaving me with no home, income or assets and had been planning this for over 2 years selling my jewelry, some of which I found in his car trunk and trying to get me to cash in my stock inherited from my father meant to be passed to our children and sell the furniture in the house telling me we were broke, I later found to be very far from true.. THat alone devistated me as during this time he had sent numberous emails and called me after leaving him begging for me back, telling me how he loved me. He is a very controlng person and likes very young girls he can maintain control of. THe first girl I caught him with was 16 and since I've found others, as young as 14. He curently lives with a 24 year old stripper (he is 61), he controls by feeding her cocaine habit. I found drugs in our beach condo while removing my personal items, cocaine all over my bathroom vanity mirror upon returning to him from parties he had been throwing every weekend and know from his own daughter from a first marriage, that I helped raise, he unknowingly bought coke from her boyfriend New Years Eve. I know you read of all the abuse and say I had the choice of doing something but I didn't. After being controled for over 30 years by a man, thinking he loved you then suddently have these things happen I was unable to make any type of decision, work, or even barely function. I know I made a bad decision at mediation and there were other options available which, I think if I had a better attorney I would have been told this. At the time though it literally was impossible for me to see anything clearly and I just wanted it all to stop no matter the cost.



Expert:  Ellen replied 7 years ago.
I will open your question to the other experts
Expert:  Alexia Esq. replied 7 years ago.

Dear nich,


First, you need to look at your divorce decree and/or agreement that became your order, and see if you released each other for any and all other potential claims, known or not known. If you did, you settled all this stuff originating prior to the date of that decree, and will likely not be able to overturn your settlement. However, aside from that, the best way to find a good and willing attorney is to be willing to pay them a nice retainer so they can be sure to be paid for their time. Most do not prefer contingent fees arrangments, because they can't feed their families or pay the mortgage if they are not getting paid for their work. Mental injury cases are particular difficult, becuase there is no law saying we have to be nice to each other. But, if you are willing to put your money down on your own case, the odds go way up that an attorney will be willing to take the case.


Also, be aware of the statutue of limitation for such personal injuries: 4 years.


Consider going back to martindale, determining what type of retainer you will put down for an attorney, and make it clear when you start making your phone calls that you have $5-10k to start this case off. It will likely take more than that, but it can be a start.


Good luck.



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S. Joy, Legal Expert



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Alexia Esq., Managing Attorney
Category: Legal
Satisfied Customers: 13544
Experience: 19 Years of Legal Practice Experience in this precise field.
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Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Dear Ms. Joy,
Thank you again for a good answer. To update you I was fortunate enough to be referred to an attorney outside my area, where everyone owes everyone a favor. After reviewing everything he was astonished at what my divorce attorney did and said he should be disbarred for some things and others were just plain illegal and wants to sue not only him but my personal/corp attorney, my ex and his manager. He said I had so much he could work for me the rest of his life. It felt good to finally find someone that saw what to me was so obviously wrong. He is not an ambuXXXXX XXXXXcing type attorney either, rather a high profile attorney, specializing in legal malpractice who just won a 20M suit and is also handling a case that is on national tv. He is aggressive, understanding and anxious to get started. He told me the strong points and the parts I would probably just have to let go, telling me he wouldn't take my money for what he didn't think I could win. He only ask for $5,000 up front, even hesitating on this, knowing my finances and said he would work with me. From lookiing attorney to attorney, finding him is a Godsend. I don't think he will let me down. I am hoping not anyway. Thanks for all your answers. If I have more I will definatly request you.
Expert:  Alexia Esq. replied 7 years ago.
Hi nich! THanks for the update! It is terrific you found an attorney you are comfortable with and as you can see retainer makes a difference. Good luck with it all, and keep your chin up! You do seem to be on a great path now, with some in hand support from a proactive attorney.