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I filed a case against direct tv for damage done to my home

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I filed a case against direct tv for damage done to my home during installation. I can not afford a lawyer so I did this on my own, After I filed a complaint, there lawyer sent answer and new matter of defendant to plaintiff's complaint, he states I did not put in cause of action. He also has all his dates mixed up. I have answered all his questions but I need to have a cause of action or it will be tossed out. Can you help. I won in small claims court so I think they are alittle mad
Thanks for your question.If you have judgment here and they haven't appealed then you can record it in clerks office.Certainly you have the option for fair resolution of the matter.ou haven't been treated fairly by them.You can argue that they were negligent here and breached their contract with you as far as proper installation.These would be your causes of action to argue if you have to defend the matter on appeal.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
they did appeal with court of common pleas I filed a complaint because they said I had to and they set up arbitration hearing in oct. When I filed complaint they just sent me a NEW MATTER I have to answer in 20days so you said my cause of action would be breach of contracr and negligents, they said they are not responsible because it was a independent contractor but I did not hire them they did, I just called they number on the mailer and all heck broke, Would I filed just like I did with the complaint and answer his questions thenk you so much
Yes you would argue negligence and breach of contract here with complaint and answer his questions.You can argue that you contracted with them here for proper installation here and did not get it and were damaged.Make suer you timely respond here and don't give up.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
so I would filed the same way with the front page stating civil action complaint, and next page would be answer and new matter of plaintiff to defendant's complaint, I should just follow the same format that there lawyer did, and answer all questions but not to much information because he kept puttinh that the tech was at my house on July 17th, and that is when my service was disconnected no one was at my house at that time, I would like to save that as a surprise for court, they installation was may 28th and the tech came in on June 1,2,3,4 to try to fix service, I took til july 17 to disconnect as per direct tv due to technical problems, I don't think he realize his mistake also when we went to small claims court he did not have any paper work about any of the case
I think that you have good plan here and this would be the way to respond here and get it in front of the judge.You would get much symapthy here becasue they have not treated you fairly at all.And yes on the filing here the same way.Good luck to you with the judge.
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