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My stepson is 37. I married his mother and adopted him in 1983.

Resolved Question:

My stepson is 37. I married his mother and adopted him in 1983. We remained married until 1989 at which time I was ordered to pay $300 a month child support and did for about 6 months until I got laid off my job and was without work for about 9 months. His mother was saying untrue and hurtful things about me to my stepson and he did want to see anymore. I stopped paying child support and moved out of Texas for employment with another company. Can my stepson sue me for the back child support of which his mother said that I did not have to pay since I was not his biological father.
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Legal
Expert:  Bappelman replied 7 years ago.

Once you legally adopted him he became you son in the eyes of the law. Not your step son any longer.

So when you and his mother got divorced the court ordered you to continue to pay for him.

The mother did not have the power to ignore or change the court's order that forced you to pay child support. Unless she actually went in and spoke to the judge and got the judge to change the order; you were still legally required to pay that child support.

Can your son now sue you for that back child support? No, he cannot.

Only your ex-wife can sue you for the back child support.

Good Luck!
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