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Hi, I am a teller at a bank and my cash drawer was out of

Resolved Question:


I am a teller at a bank and my cash drawer was out of balance 999.90 one evening, I paniced and force balanced. The next day the I had a surprise cash count and it was discovered by my supervisor. I was questioned and explained what happened, she put me on administrative leave and took my keys. I finally got a call from human resources today after 5 days and they say corporate security and human resources want to meet with me. I agreed. The gentleman said it doesn't mean that I am terminated, it's just routine when a there is a large cash shortage. I have an excellent record, I have never been out of balance. What do you think this means, should I be worried?

Please help!!!
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Legal
Expert:  legaleagle replied 7 years ago.

Just being out of balance probably would not have meant termination if you reported it and tried to find the reason why this happened. But since you lied and tries to cover it up it may be more likely that you will be terminated. It really depends on your employer's discipline policy and if they give second chances for this type of mistake.

Customer: replied 7 years ago.

Hi Shelley,


Thanks for you your help. Why do you think corporate security wants to meet with me? I'm very worried, because I don't believe the discrepancy was ever located. I'm worried about getting in trouble with law, would this be a felony? I truly believe I gave too much money to a customer, I work in a very high volume bank, with large sums of money.



Expert:  legaleagle replied 7 years ago.
They most likely want to get your version of the events to determine if you took the money or it was just a mistake. They are most likely trying to find this money or why your drawer was short. If this was a mistake, ie you did not intend to give a customer too much money, it would not be a crime. In CA this type of theft is not set as a misdemeanor or a felony it depends on the facts of your situation and can be charged as a serious misdemeanor or a lesser felony.
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