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I gave my roommate two oxycodone I was prescribed for her back.

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I gave my roommate two oxycodone I was prescribed for her back. Later, she asked if she could borrow a couple for later as I wasnt going to see her for a while. I trusted her and agreed since I had decided not to take them. That night she went out ( which she never doese) and got a DUI. The officer took the pills and put them into evidence and asked her if she had a prescription, which she said she did not. Her court date is coming up, and I am really scared that I will be in a lot of trouble since I gave them to her. Can you tel me what to expect and if I should hire a lawyer?

First, if contacted by police, you should make NO STATEMENT. Making a statement only provides potential evidence with which a conviction may be sought.


Second, it would be very difficult at this stage for a prosecutor to make a case. I assume that the pills provided were not in a prescription bottle with your name on it. As a result, they could have come from any number of sources or even been taken without your consent. Even if your friend points to you as a source, the case would be defendable and likely weak for the prosecution.


Third, under Washington Statutes, passing prescription medications to a person who has no prescription is a felony offense under Washington Statutes 69.50. It is a class B felony and upon conviction may be imprisoned for not more than ten years.


You should consult with an attorney in your area, though, until contacted by police, retaining may not be necessary.



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