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How can a superviser, but an employee on probation, after employee

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How can a superviser, but an employee on probation, after employee has worked with her for 3 years, got internal promotions excellent reviews, bonuses, and only last week recognized for a National award Last review six month ago, excellent-no written or verbal indication provided concerning job. Allthough I followed company protoacol top apply for a new position, as part of my professional gowth, wad enthusisatically interviewd 7 times, only to be told my immediate superiver said I wasn't ready. Could not get an interview with her or HR department prior my 6 mos reivew. She put me on a 6 mos probation. No one should be surprised getting a probation, as you should have been give prior of negative feedback about not doing your job . The probation were non measurable items . Any recent concerns developed once I sought outside department employment.I have broke no company rules , I was pressured(did not) to sign and inferred if I did not termination was possibility. What do I do
Is there discrimination or violation of a company manual involved?
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Manual is being obtain-age discrimination, poosibly as I am in my twenties, and she is older, and age has been message as not having perhaps enough experience.
Age discrimination protects employees older than 40. see But if a manual is not being followed, after complaint to HR you can involve a lawyer and report the matter to the state labor department.
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Customer: replied 7 years ago.
My concern is the probation I was given that will be part of my permanent record. I had a good relation with supervisor prior to applying to internal job promotion. This probation, vague at best but seriously hampers any pay increases, a mark on my record, and stops my payment for school the company is paying. Most of all this was done with no prior indication of ANY job disatisfaction. What options do I have
You can ask the employer to reconsider. Any reprimand at worse would be part of employer file only and not part of a record that continues on to future locations.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Reconsider-in writing pointing each discrepencies in the said probation-and how can you go from glowing report 6 mos ago, to a probation with no warnings verbal or written. or breaking any company policy. How can any supervisor get away with not going through a process. I am floored that I only can ask her to change when this is based on feeling derived, seemingly since I tried to apply for a position outside the department. I just want to do the right thing. I have no disrespect for this superviser, but admit to questioning her motives, I like the company, but feel I can not have my reputation tainted with mere feelings not based on facts. There are no other safeguards at my disposal thanks
Normally an employer has discretion to do so even if mistaken. You can ask senior management to reconsider and if an employee manual has a review process, to insist it be applied.
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