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Hello, I have a question regarding electrical fraud. Our

Resolved Question:


I have a question regarding electrical fraud. Our landlord has lights tied into our electrical box for his business which is attached to our living area. The lights are parking lot lights that are run 24/7/365. Our bill is currently 370$/mo and I noticed this when I switched off our main breaker switch and ALL of his parking lot lights turned off. I have statements of electrical useage from Wisconsin Energies showing excessive uses of electricity. We have a 2 bedroom, 1000 sqft living area. We "used" 1600 kw of power according to our last statement. By contrast, my parents with a 4 bedroom, 2200 sqft 2 story house had a bill of 130$ and 1050 kw used for the month. Can I sue for punitive damages not only regarding US paying for HIS lights, but the hardship it has caused a single, low income (18,000) family??? Can I win in court?? How should I go about this excessive and blatant fraud? (Elec. company will not investigate)
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Legal
Expert:  Sam replied 7 years ago.



yes, you can sue for his theft of your electric and also for the hardship the extra monies have caused you. but you will need to prove that he is tapped into your electric. you can contact your state's Public Service Commission and have them check into why the electric company will not investigate. if you want to give me the state, i can provide a link for that contact information


once the PSC looks into it and contacts the electric company and they investigate how he has it rigged then you will have the proof you will need to proceed with a lawsuit. but you need that evidence first



Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Wisconsin Energies WILL NOT investigate by sending out electricians as of last year. The state is Wisconsin. I have already had a private electrician see firsthand that the lights went out and ARE connected to our box. My worries is alerting the land lord and him having a hack job electricXXXXX XXXXXe the wiring thus losing the physical evidence involved. I have already been in contact with the electric company regarding 2 YEARS of high bills. Also, prior tenants sued over high bills but had no evidence to prove guilt, OR legal representation.
Expert:  Sam replied 7 years ago.



i understood you said they would not investigate. however, the Wisconsin Public Service Commissioner oversees the electric company and they can mandate the company come out and investigate the matter


here is the link for the WPSC - you can call them or make the complaint online about Wisconsin Energies.


i also understand about you not wanting to tip off the LL - but you need that solid proof. talk to the WPSC and see what they suggest in the way of keeping confidential until they get Wisconsin Energies to check it out. they can do it without telling the LL what is going on.


you dont want to end up like the other tenants not winning because you dont have the evidence. you can use your private electrician as an expert witness but you need to have the WPSC tell Wisconsin Energies to check out what is going on and then you will have the evidence you need



Customer: replied 7 years ago.
So, after calling or emailing WSPC, and keeping it confidential, if WE energies comes out and sees that YES it is tied into our box, approx how much would I be able to sue for damages rendered? (approx 200+/mo overpaying for almost 22 months, on a low income family)
Expert:  Sam replied 7 years ago.



well, you would need the WE to help you to figure out how long it has been going on and then if it is 22 months take it from there - or you could at that time consider consulting with a local attorney to assist in filing the lawsuit and also you might consider filing criminal charges for the theft that is occuring.

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