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Get you still get a gun permit in NY, even if you failed the

Resolved Question:

Get you still get a gun permit in NY, even if you failed the police oral psych exam over ten years ago?
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Legal
Expert:  Zoey, JD replied 7 years ago.

If you have suffered from or been hospitalized for a mental illness of any kind, you would would be required to disclose that to get a NYS permit. After that, it's discretionary and will be up to the court. So the answer is maybe. It's going to depend on what their investigation turns up.

NYS law says:

"A license may be granted to an applicant who is of good moral character, has not been convicted of a "serious offense," (This includes misdemeanors and violations as set forth in Section 265.00, Subd. 17, PL.) states if and when he has ever been treated for mental illness and as to whom "no good cause exists for the denial of the license.

An investigation will be conducted of all statements required in the application. This includes taking the fingerprints and physical descriptive data of the applicant. One copy of the fingerprints will be forwarded to the FBI for a search of their criminal records. The failure or refusal of the FBI to make the fingerprint check shall not constitute the sole basis for refusal to issue a permit."


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