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Emotional distress caused by a guy. He has slandered me at

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Emotional distress caused by a guy. He has slandered me at his work. He paid for prostitutes instead taking care of me. He is wishy washy disrepected me by leaving me(Abandonment) I went to an attorney last year they said nothing would happen. Don't get wrong their were good qualities. He has issues with me because I have emotions: The thing that is criminal is that He has told me he loved me up until the end of December again. Now I am not suppose to contact me he has threatened me with saying he is going to call the police. His sister did the same.... There is so much more to this it is unbelievable. I have his voice recording phone messages. I can't stand people who say just move on???!! WTF> Man can promise a woman love and then take it from her! Throw her away, cut her down and get way with it. I need good advice on this ... I will not tolerate guys who think they can continue to do this... VERYPISSED... Please help?

I am afraid he can. It is not fair. It is not right.. However, such affairs of the heart are also not legally actionable. If they were, our courts would be flooded with claims.


If he says no contact, you should cease contact. If you do not, he has a basis for a harassment restraining order, which is a civil proceeding, but unpleasant at best.


The advice you were given to move on is valid both personally and legally.


I am sorry for your troubles.




Customer: replied 7 years ago.
So then I should be a selfish bitch and use men to the day I day. This is wrong. It should be illegal to hurt someone. So i should be a feminist? I don't want hate men but i am sick and tired of shit like this . I mise well have been raped!!! BEcause my heart feels like. THIs country is f**ked up !!! WHY? WHY ? WHY can i guy do so much shit!!!

I understand your hurt and your resentment. Unfortunately, it is not legally actionable. I am truly sorry for your troubles.


Your anger is palpable and I mean no disrespect when I say that counseling may help you through this issue. In your current state, if you persist in contacting him or making him "pay" - you will only find yourself in legal turmoil. It is a dangerous road to tread.



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