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Sprngfld,Oh 2/16/2010 Anita Diane Maddy, daughter, was found

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Sprngfld,Oh 2/16/2010 Anita Diane Maddy, daughter, was found guilty of embezzeling church funds. She told her pastor, she was a lone treasurer, she had done this over some time. She obtained a lawyer, and counseler. She told them her problem and family history containing Bipolar1, she had a normal? child hood. I had manic depression from Korea 1952-53,treated frm 1954-2010 Hon.Dis.dav. She was assured light sentence. (seventeen months) to Marrisville,Oh correction. My concern is,(was she by choice or not, given a physicatric test-evaluation). Can not get records of her situation. Cost! I only have her story and family word. (Should this have been taken into account?) I talked to the counsler 33yrs) practice, was told, since it is one time does not mean she has (BP1) a real problem. But has other issues. 17 months is a heavy price to pay for not having a real problem. Lawyer not return ans. Keep low profile case. ("Anita")church small town etc. Treatment? tnks. Bob Lawton Sr. Dayton O

I am an attorney and would like to help you with your issues.

Could you please tell me what exactly is your question?

Thank you.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
sent detailed message earlier. youn lady seemed to take it?
Customer: replied 7 years ago.

Sent complete data wed feb.24, 2010. Anita Diane Maddy sprngfld, Oh 2/16/20010

Can my daughter, age 53, be tried and sentenced, for embezzelment of church funds, 17 mnts. Marrysville correction. In Ohio, w/o a psychriatric test-evaluation? I was found w/ Bipolar1 after seeing action in Korea 1952-1953. I know Anita Diane Maddy knows this is in the family. Is this enough info? I cannot get records (Cost) $40.

I wouldn't know what to do but read and weep. 77 yr old parents.



OK, THanks for the reply.

If I understand you correctly, your daughter was found guilty of embezzling money from her employer, a church. She was tried and sentenced to 17 months in jail.

Your question is: can she be tried and found guilty, and sentenced to 17 months in jail, without first having a psychiatric evaluation?

The answer is yes, all of that can happen without her ever being evaluated. There is no requirement in Ohio, or any other state, for a defendant to be first examined by a doctor prior to their trial or going to jail.

If any member of the court, that is the judge, prosecutor, or defense attorney, has an honest belief that the defendant is not mentally fit to stand trial, they can make a motion to have the defendant tested. But if no one makes that motion, the defendant will not be evaluated by a psychiatrist, and the case will move forward.

Good luck to you and your daughter.
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