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I agreed to pay child support for my son and daughter until

Resolved Question:

I agreed to pay child support for my son and daughter until "they graduated college"
I was divorced in NH 13 years ago.

If they go for a degree past 4 years I don't think I should continue to pay child support
as they will be 22 and 21 years old at that point respectively.

Should I be worried about my ex-wife dragging me back to court to continue paying
child support after my children have been through 4 years of college?

Thanks very much,
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Legal
Expert:  Justice For All replied 7 years ago.

It really depends on the agreement. If it was very vague stating something like "until they graduate college" then, yes it is possible she may try but if they have a bachelors degree then they technically HAVE graduated so I'm not so sure she would succeed. I think I would surely stop after paying after four years and put the burden of proof on her. In any case I think you can make a case that the understanding was that you were funding someone for a four year degree and your intent was not to fund a Rhodes Scholar PHD. She may possibly take you to court but I think you still have a good chance unless the divorce agreement was VERY specific stating they could go through any level of college, without specifics it will come down to intent and whether the judge believes you (which makes sense, most people don't think of a phd or even master as "just graduating college" it's additional ) I don't think you owe them a lifetime of academics

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