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Hi, I purchased a pair of neoprene and rubber shoes for

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I purchased a pair of neoprene and rubber shoes for the snow. I took them out of the box, walked down the hall and part way down the stairs, when the shoes acted like they hit a sheet of ice and I went flying and landed way down the stairs breaking my tailbone. I looked at the shoes and discovered that the company had put a coating of something like Armor-all on them. I've shown this to a lot of people, who are all shocked that anyone would do this with a pair of shoes. I called the company, they say they don't use any coating, but we have the shoes in the store where I'm an employee and they are all coated with this same slick, oily stuff. The owner of the company never even called me back, after telling me he was going to. Now I'd like to recover my xray and doctor bills. There isn't anything they can do except tell me a tailbone takes 8 to 10 weeks to heal and can cause pain for a lot longer. I ride horses, so it's a big problem. Can I get any legal help? XXXXX XXXXX


I'm sorry to hear about your accident. I agree the shoes should not be coated with something slick and oily as it would be a hazard.You do have an injury case and I highly suggest you seek a local product liability attorney ASAP so that they can put it together for you. Also I suggest cutting off all further contact with the manufacturer of these shoes, if they call you back I would advise them that you will have your attorney speak with them. Get pictures of the shoes in store to show yours was the not the only pair that had this coating and gather any witnesses you can (coworkers, etc). These are all things that will help your case and what you want is a product liability attorney who works on contingency (they don't get paid unless you do). Most of these types of lawyers will have a free consultation so feel free to find one that makes you comfortable. Good luck and God bless.

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Customer: replied 7 years ago.


There weren't any witnesses, sadly it happened when I was alone at home.

That is ok, You still have people to witness the dangerous condition of the shoes in stock as well as the ones you have. Also I'm assuming you went to the Dr right away and reported how you got hurt. You don't necessarily have to have witnesses to the actual accident, even though it would help. You CAN prove the shoes are dangerous and you CAN prove you went to the doctor sometime soon after buying them and complaining of falling in them. A good attorney should be able to make some sort of case for you.