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A co-worker wears perfume so strong that it literally takes

Resolved Question:

A co-worker wears perfume so strong that it literally takes my breath away. I had to seek medical care. Dr. doubled my blood pressure meds, I am now on a steroid inhaler and a rescue inhaler and I have developed a heart murmur which is being attributed to stress and/or breathlessness. The company refuses to force her to leave off the perfume. They want me to move to an area away from her. Is there a law in Texas that will protect me from her perfume
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Legal
Expert:  Justice For All replied 7 years ago.

Hi blessed,

I'm sorry to hear about your problem, lord knows all we need is some more people with strong perfume in this world. The answer is that they do have the right to move you to another location if this is the way they want to handle the situation. They are only liable to make sure you are not being harmed, the way in which they handle it is up to them.

As for the problems you already have at this point, I would have a doctor write up something stating that your lungs have been inflamed due to the perfume and that it is causing you these other problems. If you complained in the past and they did nothing, this may be a reason to seek compensation, but it may be difficult without you being able to show you had a doctors note explaining the issue. So if you have not already gotten the note, do so now and take it to your work. If you feel as though the problems were caused by the perfume, can get a doctor to back it up, and prove that your company denied your cries for help in the past, I highly suggest you seek the aid of a local attorney. I hope this has been helpful. I wish I had better news, unfortunately the laws in this country always seem to protect the employer and not so much the employee. If you need more assistance please feel free to ask. Also, please don't forget to hit ACCEPT as this is the only way we experts are given credit for the work we do. Thanks in advance. Good luck and God bless.

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