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How do I report sexual abuse on a family cat I no longer live

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How do I report sexual abuse on a family cat I no longer live with this person but I do know he is sexual abusing the female cats and I need to get the one I adopted out of there the local police wont help me
Are you referring to actual felines? He is sexually abusing cats. Just want to make sure I'm correct here.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.

Yes that is correct his sexual addiction has gotten way out of control he denies everything and I actually have recorded tapes of this happening and it make me sick to my stomach and all i can do is cry when I listen to the tapes I have to get the cats out before he kills from what i have read on sexual abuse to cat its not good as of right now i

am not sure about the cats health at this time but i am suppose to go get the rest of my things this saturday but the local police wont go with me i did not tell them anything about because i know that its not legal to tape someone without them knowing it

First and foremost, I understand your concern. As an animal lover myself that is appalling to say the least. Ok first off you need to report animal abuse to your local spca, I'm not sure where exactly in Ca you are located but here is a link to the sacramento spca You should be able to call them and get direction as to the number of your local spca. Secondly you need to contact the humane society of america's first strike campaign and let them know your situation they should be able to get you more assistance as well. Thirdly, I would try again to get a police escort so you can get your adopted pet home with you (and belongings). I would tell the police only that you need an escort because you believe the person may try to perpetrate violence upon you as you have reason to believe the individual is unstable and could snap at any moment and that you fear for your safety. This should help with getting you an escort. At this point he would be stupid to argue about you taking the cat right in front of the police. I hope all of this has been helpful. I do hope you are able to save those poor kitties soon. Good luck and God bless. Please feel free to ask if you need any more assistance. Don't forget to hit the green ACCEPT button if you are satisfied I have helped you as this is the only way we experts are given credit for the help we give. Thanks in advance. Now go save those kitties.
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