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My exhusband is sending (certified) letters to my family saying

Resolved Question:

My exhusband is sending (certified) letters to my family saying I owe them more money for medical expenses that I am not sending enough money in, that they hate to get them involved but if I don't do this they will have to take legal actions. My question is this legal for them to contact other people including my family that I owe them money?
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Legal
Expert:  Justice For All replied 7 years ago.
Do you have an agreement in place regarding this debt? What are the medical expenses he is saying you owe for, is this loaned money or in care for a child you have with this person?
Customer: replied 7 years ago.

He took out his home phone so I can't contact them, they say they have been emailing which I haven't been receiving, the court says I have to pay 1/2 of all out of medical expenses, yes I do owe the money and I am sending in some each month, so I am not denying that I owe the money I do not work and my husband pays my child support and medical expenses, I am paying based on minimum wage (I have a alot of health issues and is hard for me to work as that I am sick all the time - which I did have a doctor put this in writing) I didn't think that people were allowed to discuss finacial information other people

Expert:  Justice For All replied 7 years ago.
I'm sorry to hear about your situation. Here's your plan, you can send him a cease and desist letter about the debt explaining where YOU live and this is the only place he should be contacting about the debt. Your family can send him a letter as well saying they do not want to be harassed or communicated with by him any longer, they may also file a police report and cite harassing communication as well if he continues. This is the best you can do as this is not the same as a normal creditor contacting you or your family, the rules are different in this instance. I hope this helps, sorry I couldn't have any better news. Please don't forget to hit accept if this has been helpful at all as this is the only way we experts get credit for the work we do here on Just Answer. If you need any further assistance or help, please feel free to ask. Good luck and God bless.
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