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ok.... i have a grand daughter. i would like very much to

Resolved Question:

ok.... i have a grand daughter. i would like very much to see her. the problem is her mom is dead and the maternal grandparents have custody. they are taking my son to court for legal adoption. my son, a different story alltogether is trying to stop this. me , as a grand parent, do i have the right to file for visitation? i live 8 hours away from them and they wont even meet halfway. i have driven the 8 hour on numerous ocassions , only to get one hour with her...they had other plans. my side of the family can only see her if we go down there. i cant afford a lawyer and am disabled (stroke) and they seem to use that against me. what are my options without including my son? i have a very good friend that lives halfway between us that said i can stay there. do i have any rights here. the child was 6 mos when her mom died. she is 2 and a half now.
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Legal
Expert:  Ray replied 7 years ago.
Thanks for your question.Since a lawyer is out here my suggestion is to write the judge and ask for court ordered visitation.You will have to check with clerk here in county where this is filed and get case number XXXXX their names here.

By writing the judge you ask for some regular court ordered visitation.You argue that this is best for the child to know their other grand parent and also to have interaction.Set out your problems with other grand parents ignoring your requests and stress need for court ordered regular visitation here.And then ask for notice of the adoption hearing.Hopefully you can attend here and the court agrees and orders visitation .

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