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i am the custodial parent of my two children. their father

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i am the custodial parent of my two children. their father is trying to get full custody becaue i have epilespy and and i dropped the kids off at my mother's house. i am medicated and the seizures are controlled and only occur in my sleep. does he have a case?..he really only wants to claim them on his taxes
Thanks for your question.I do not think so.If the children are prospering then there is no change of circumstances that warrants modification here.He has to show that this is also in the best interests of the children

.You should respond in writing here under the case number XXXXX contest his application in this matter.Sign it and file it with the court.If you can afford lawyer or legal aid this might well assist you in presentation of your case this matter.Your medical problems are not sufficient reason to change custody and I think the court would agree.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
let me be clear..he said he video tapped me "driving" so that is his whole argument..other than that both children are well adjusted, and on the honor roll..they have no behavior problems and are not on medication..he's threatening my parents and husband
I don't see that he has valid grounds here to get court to modify and change custody.I mean you have a medical condition, so what.Lots of people have such conditions but it doesn't make them bad parents.The kids are doing fine here botXXXXX XXXXXne.
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