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I received a ticket making a right on red and for not having

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I received a ticket making a right on red and for not having my registration on me (I did have a current one - but it was at home)and when I went to court I plead to 2 lesser charges, and I had a fine, which I paid $200 down and the rest was to be paid in installments. I missed 2 of the payments and now I received a notice that a warrant was issued for my arrsest (I live in NJ). Please tell me what should I expect when I turn myself in and also please let me know what is the typical penalty and also the maximum penalty.

The good news is that your "penalty" for the original citations will not changed, that was established by the judge at your court appearance and does not get modified by your failure to complete the terms.


The bad news is that the warrant needs to be resolved. There should be a bond amount attached to the warrant, quite likely the same as your outstanding fine. You should turn yourself in and have the bond arranged at that time. If you do, you should be in and out of jail in no time.


Also, your license may have been suspended for the failure to pay the fines. Simply call the department of highway safety to check on your license. If it was suspended, you will have to pay some costs to get it reinstated.


Customer: replied 7 years ago.


Thank you for your reply. One last question, though. Should I retain a lawyer to go to court either tomorrow, or for when the court date is?


Is there typically jail time involved with this type of case?

It's never a bad idea to have an attorney present. An attorney will know all the applicable laws, will likely know the judge and can quite likely improve your odds of success. As to jail time, it's unlikely you would get any jail time beyond the time associated with turning yourself in on the warrant.


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