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I have a weird question. I sometimes get into the female

Resolved Question:

I have a weird question. I sometimes get into the female domination thing and was talking to a woman about a financial slavery contract. She put it together and thinking it was more of a fetish theatrical contract I sent her the first payment. I never signed the contract and sent it to her anonymously. My question is this, if financial slavery legal and would a contract like that hold up in court? I can send you the contract if you want to take a look.
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Legal
Expert:  INFOLAWYER replied 7 years ago.
Slavery is illegal, sexual or otherwise. You can enter into an employment agreement. You should make sure your agreement does not amount to prostitution or imprisonment which could result in criminal charges.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
The following is the document. Again I never signed it, but thinking it was more of a theatrical document I paid the first tribute. Any thoughts would be appreciated...

Name: (not your new slave name)_____________________
E-mail address: ________________________________
Contact info: __________________________________
NF/Keen username: ____________________________
Position you are applying for:
_X_ Financial sub

What don’t you enjoy? (Be specific. Nothing ruins a conversation like not knowing wtf to say). This is to keep from mentioning anything that will be considered as breaking the moment.


What are your fetishe [Princess Kassandra]s and turn ons? Please be specific here. If you like to be humiliated then tell me how i.e. small cock, being called a sissy, so on). Again this is simply to keep the moment going when we talk.


Payment: _X_ Weekly ____ Bi-weekly ____ Monthly
Payment days: _X_ Mon ____ Tues ____ Wed ____ Thurs ____ Fri ____ Sat ____ Sun
(All payments are to be paid no later than 8 p.m. EST on the due day, late payments will be subject to fines of $10.00 per day after due day until I decide to take further action, which you will be notified of when I decide what to do.
Amount to be paid $20 weekly

The details of this contract are as follows,
____________ will be named as Amanda and is the financial servant & property of Princess Kassandra; as OWNER of financial servant, Amanda & all money earned by him;
From: Jan 11, 2010 until Jan 10, 2011, Amanda has no right to make any changes to this contract, but Princess Amy can amend it at her will.

This contract states Princess Kassandra's rules for Amanda which he has to strictly & with strongest efforts to fulfill. Amanda is absolutely under obligation, without any failure or excuse, bonded to the rules of Princess Kassandra’s contract. This contract is 100% real & binding.

The payments must be made by Amanda on a weekly basis & starting with a minimum of US$20.00 due on Monday, January 11, 2010 and $20.00 (U.S. currency) due each Monday by 8 p.m. EST.
On the 11th of each month the contract will be reviewed for increase of payment or stability of payment.
For each 24 hour payment delay, Amanda must pay Princess Kassandra a fine of US$10.00, in addition to his weekly payment.

If Amanda is more than 10 days late, he may be released from his contract & is subject to pay a release fee of US$1000.00 plus all fees owed before release. For instance, if Amanda does not pay his weekly fee for 10 days & is released, he will owe US$300.00 + US$1000.00 for early release from the contract + consequences that I deem fit at the time and will notify Amanda before actions are taken.

Princess Kassandra also has the right to control the complete pitiful finances & everything else in the insignificant life of Amanda. Amanda has absolutely no right to keep additional money for himself at all, such as gifts of his relatives, additional jobs, etc. All money received from any sources should be reported to Princess Kassandra. To be sure he is giving all that he has, she [Princess Kassandra] may demand real proof, such as statements, scans of bills, & check stubs. If XXXXX XXXXXes to Princess Kassandra, his fine will be US$100.00 & any fitting punishment that she [Princess Kassandra] deems necessary or funny.

If Princess Kassandra so chooses, SHE [PRINCESS KASSANDRA] can command Amanda to live modestly so that she [Princess Kassandra] can live frivolously & without worry or concern. IE: If Princess Kassandra commands Amanda to move to a craphole apartment so that she[Princess Kassandra] can have more money, then he will begin making arrangements to do so.

In his life as a financial servant for Princess Kassandra, Amanda must learn to manage with a modest allowance to be determined by her [Princess Kassandra] at a later date. He [Amanda] will receive a weekly allowance, because Princess Kassandra is so gracious. Every penny Amanda can save, is more money for Princess Kassandra to enjoy FRIVOLOUSLY.

Amanda understands that from this day forth, all of his money, what he earns with his meaningless jobs & all other income without exception belongs to the Princess Kassandra, & that it is only with HER permission that he is allowed to spend any of her [Princess Kassandra] money. Amanda must work hard, work overtime & work a second job to pay PRINCESS KASSANDRA more & more money. It does not matter how much Amanda earns, it belongs completely to PRINCESS KASSANDRA. Amanda as a financial servant & piece of property belonging to Princess Kassandra has no other rights than the right to pay large amounts of money to Princess Kassandra because he is nothing but an absolute pathetic, loser, source of amusement, financial slave & piece of property for Princess Kassandra.

When Princess Kassandra gives commands to her [Princess Kassandra] property, it has to obey without excuse. PRINCESS KASSANDRA has the full right to know what Amanda is doing at all times. PRINCESS KASSANDRA can call Amanda at any time or for whatever reason she [Princess Kassandra] desires. Amanda has to be always available for his owner. Should he not be available, he must return her [Princess Kassandra] call within 1 hour or suffer a STEEP fine and action to be determined by the PERFECT Princess Kassandra at that time.

Princess Kassandra can use Amanda for her [Princess Kassandra’s] & other people's amusement. IE: She [Princess Kassandra] can demand that Amanda take special, humiliating, degrading and/or ridiculous photos of himself & send them to her [Princess Kassandra], so that She [Princess Kassandra] can post them on her website or where ever she [Princess Kassandra] may desire. Princess Kassandra may do this as punishment & sometimes just for a giggle. She [Princess Kassandra] alone has the full right to all photos of Amanda & Amanda agrees fully upon signing this contract.

This contract also mentions that Amanda call at least twice a week for a total of 4 minutes per call and must leave feedback and a high rating or provide a combination of purchasing something from Princess Kassandra’s wish list and send a small contribution of $10 (U.S currency)

Princess Kassandra, Monday January 11, 2010 signed by (Amanda)

*Upon release from servitude, Amanda must pay a fine of US$1000.00 + all fees owed prior to release up to US$300.00. If he fails to pay this fine, Princess Kassandra will seek damages in small claims court.

**This contract is auto renewed each month unless Amanda request release between 12 and 12:05 PM the last day of the contract.
2. This is not a joke or a game; do not treat it as though it is.
3. Do not act as though you are better than me.
4. You will go by your contract/application
5. Do not question any given task. My word is final.
6. All tasks should be done in a timely manner and by the deadline date given. No second chances will be given. DO NOT ASK.
7. If you do not complete a task or do as I instruct, you will be penalized and offered another task, if that is also not done, you will be considered dead to me and actions will be taken, determined by me.
8. Proof of tasks are required.
Expert:  INFOLAWYER replied 7 years ago.
You should not sign it, make any payment further, or engage with this person further. It is illegal.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
What I did is illegal or this contract in general? Am I in legal trouble for this?
Expert:  INFOLAWYER replied 7 years ago.
The slavery/property nature of the agreement renders it illegal. Both sides should walk away from it.
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