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Is it illegal to fake your own death if youre trying to escape

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Is it illegal to fake your own death if you're trying to escape an unwanted suitor?
I have reviewed the Texas Penal Code as well as a few other sources. And what I have discovered is that there is actually no statute against faking your own death. So basically, you can tell people that you are dead or lead them believe that without fear of criminal charges. But there are consequences, including criminal, by the means of telling. Filing a false death certificate, that is a criminal acion and subject to prosecution. Leading the police to believe that you are dead and causing an investigation, can we say filing a false police report which is a crime and you could be charged even if you didn't file the report, but caused someone else to file because they believed that you were dead. If you collect on a life insurance policy, it becomes insurance fraud. If you move out of your apartment and break the lease, it becomes a civil breach of contract matter. Most importantly, if you fake your death you will alienate your family and friends and, in my opinion, ruin your life just to get away from an unwanted suitor.

If you are thinking of doing this to escape an unwanted suitor, I believe that it is overkill. If this person is a threat to you, consider filing for a protective order. See this webpage for info on Texas protective orders:

You may also consider filing stalking charges against this person. Take a look at the info on stalking on that same site.

Hope this helps you out. Good luck.

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