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The principal of our school has infringed on our student rights

Customer Question

The principal of our school has infringed on our student rights several times and now there is a serious movement to have her ousted. I was considering righting a private article asking those who want the principal out to write letters to her home requesting that she step down in addition penning letters to the school board members requesting that she be voted out.
I am fairly sure that the letters to the board members are entirely lawful and will not draw any flack for me personally. Now the letters to the principal’s home, however, I am unsure of. Would this be lawful? This is not the first time I have fought the administration on an issue and I have become quite the thorn in their side, meaning that they will take any chance to take action against me. So my question is by penning this article am I in any iota of risk. Thank you.
~Chris Hardy
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Legal
Expert:  Brandon M. replied 7 years ago.

Hi there:


The problem with writting letters to the person's home is that you have to consider what the purpose of that would be. Civil Harassment occurs where there is contact, communications, or actions that serve no legitimate purpose that is targeted toward a specific person and the person feels (and the reasonable person would also feel) alarmed, annoyed, or harassed. If you are sending letters to the person's home, what is the legitimate purpose of that act? It seems to me that you have several formal procedural channels to work through, and disturbing the person in their home is an entirely unnecessary and unproductive act... except that it would be (or at least perceived to be) intended to harass or intimidate the person.


Frankly, the princpal's case would be far from rock solid if she tried to get a restraining order or sue anyone civilly, but why expose yourself to that risk when you can still get your point across without taking that risk? I would agree that letters to the board members is entirely appropriate as long as the communications are truthful and respectful.


Let me know if I may be of further assistance. Thank you.