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I recently paid 2100.00 for a snowmobile off ebay and the seller

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I recently paid 2100.00 for a snowmobile off ebay and the seller was a friend of the owner of the snowmobile , but the seller listed it and stated it only had 339 miles and every thing was in very good shape with no problems and the engine is stock and has never been open up and starts on second pull . This was not the case would not stay runnig , also had several problems not to mention the engine was not the stock motor bolts missing on motor mounts water in oil so I call the seller and ask for refund but he decline because he give the money to the owner and he was not going to refund my moneyI said I was going to take him to court what is my chances of getting my money back . Thank Tim
Hello Tim, do you have any evidence that the snowmobile was not in proper working order when you received it? I ask because you will need some evidence that you did not tamper with the engine resulting in its current state, and that the engine was in fact in this consition when it arrived. If you are able to produce such evidence, you should not have much a problem getting your money back.
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Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Okay so lets say I win in court and the seller dosent pay me because he said its not his sled what happens if I dont get any money
if you win in court there would be a court order for you to receive payment, and the seller could no long offer the defense that it is not his sled.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
what happens if he dont pay Also its thee hours from me where do I file his town or mine.
You would file in his town, and if he does not pay you would go back before the court requesting permission to freeze bank accounts and/or seize property and/or garnish wages.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.

Thank You FOR your help now do I pay for one question or four

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