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Good evening! I have found myself in a very stressful situation.I

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Good evening! I have found myself in a very stressful situation.I am a retired teacher and work part time as a math/reading specialist. A boyfriend contacted me after two years of not seeing each other. We had met on I thought it was a scene from the best love novel.The reality: his house is in foreclosure in Florida,no credit,no money other than SS $ and he' a defendant in a law suit with an insurance company.I found this out by checking the Pinellas court records.He is a retired attorney ( con artist,predator...)he had a sense of urgency about buying a new car name is XXXXX XXXXX loan as he had bad credit. we broke up four days later,he ended up in a psych ward and now is suing me for pain and suffering,price of his mercedes,attorney fees...I offered for him to buy the loan but he doesn't have any money,I offered for him to take my jeep/title but he wants a six figure amount.OMG Help Donna
If you are on the loan, you would be liable. Often a settlement can be negotiated if not before a lawsuit then in court after one is filed. The logic escapes me but it happens often. If sued, you can pursue the primary debtor for contribution.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
I realize that
my question
he is suing me for his pain and suffering because i ended a four day engagement after I caught him emailing women on Match .com during the wee hours of the morning
of course he has no car because trading his car in and getting me a new car was all part of his manipulation
A court wont award pain and suffering from these facts.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
He left on a Wednesday and ended up in Bay Pines pysch ward in Florida for two weeks.
He also said that I swindled him out of his car..OMG..he had a very well executed plan but didn't expect me to catch him on the internet...his explanation...I have an addiciton for women
another?..I have muti texts,emails and phone messages with his stating that he has an addiction for women
Should I try to save that sim card as I'm having my number changed
Would those messages be admissable in court?
being sued scares me so much..I've been an educator for 42 years and this is just a nightmare
thank you for listening to me
Please do not worry. It sounds like he is troubled and you have solid evidence to reubut. Indeed save the sim and print out the messages which can be offered in court, if needed. Kindly accept my answer.
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