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I have been married and divorced three times. My present partner

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I have been married and divorced three times. My present partner is a widower and is very reluctant to remarry. We have been living together for almost nine years. He has designated me as his benifishery on his IRA and on life insurance. He has me on his health insurance as a life partner. We recently purchesed a house and he put my name on the deed but not on the mortgage. We each own another house and plan to sell them and pay the new mortgage off. My question is: Is there any advantage or disadvantage to not being legally married.
Thanks for your question.Being married might make you eligible to draw off his social security here.The problem I see here is if he dies and leaves his half to say children then you have joint interest with them.As long as he does valid will here leaving you the house at least you would be protected.

You could leave your interest to him as well in a valid will.Marriage here is certainly not required if you will do estate planning.This includes a will, a power of attorney and living will for health care decisions.

This way both parties are protected here and they have the people they trust making decisions.Its important because if say one has stroke and you aren't married the nearest living relative makes all decisions.

Also in Texas make sure any other bank accounts have joint right of survivorship.You just sign cards at the bank.Overall you can be protected here either by marriage or estate planning.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.

Where do we get help with estate planning?


What about health insurance? If we marry after he retires will I be covered or will this depend on the carrier?

If he has company plan the spouse is covered--another good point here to marry.The state bar here has lawyer referral here to help you find local lawyer to prepare your estate documents.

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