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My daughters best friend left school property to run away.

Customer Question

My daughters best friend left school property to run away. The principal then allowed the mother and sister of the girl to come to the school and pull my daughter from class to question and intimidate her, without our knowledge. We were not notified by the school and my daughter was counted absent for the classes that she missed. Then the city police showed up after school to top off the harassment and intimidation, by making ridiculas accuzations. Now someone planted marijuana in her car on school propety; I cleaned out my childs car myself 5 days before this and my daughter cleaned out the car the day before the incident. I also tested my daughter for THC the very next day after being suspended the test was negative.Now we find out that the dog contractor that the school hired is long time friend with the parents of the student that ran away. My daughter was not only singled out but framed. The only people to get in trouble from this random search was my daughter and rnwys boyfriend.
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Legal
Expert:  Kali Johns replied 7 years ago.
Tdoggett, -----
I have 20 years experience with schools and the justice system. You should make a written complaint to the school board and superintendent calmly outlining your concerns. You may also want to contact an attorney to represent you with the school system. You should ask for the school administrative hearing officer to hear your concerns.-----

Depending on your daughter's age and your jurisdiction you do have solid complaints against the school district. If under 18 (in most jurisdictions) you must be contacted and have the chance to be present if your daughter is questioned by law enforcement. What accusations were made? Under no circumstances should she have been removed from class to be questioned by non-school employees. It is the school's responsibility to protect her as they serve "in locus parentis" or as her parent while she is on campus. ======

Depending on the test you used THC can show up for up to 30-45 days if inhaled or orally injested. Some drug store tests offer a mail in confirmation. You want this to prove the results. Was she tested by the school or law enforcement? ----

There may be a conflict of interest regarding the dog contractor's relationship with the school. Why didn't law enforcement perform the search?

Is this the first issue your daughter has had? What was her involvement with the run away?-----

In addition to my own background a good friend is our school hearing officer. I will run this question by him 2. I would be happy to help u write the letter to the school system if you want. I am a writing expert here.

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Customer: replied 7 years ago.
We are supposed to meet with the principal Monday morning to discuss my daughter getting 30 days alternitive school. For the stuff planted in her car by someone, no doubt in my mind. I and my husband cleaned her car out the sunday before this incident, and my daughter cleaned her car again thursday tha day before this. The test that we gave her is not store bought, it is a company random test kit used by a large construction company here in Dallas; the company that built the new Cowboys stadium. The councelor, the run aways mom and sister were questioning my daughter, the run aways boyfriend and younger sister; as to the run aways where abouts for the last two class periods of the day. When they told them that they did not know, they were called liers by the concelor and the parent and sister. The counselor then told my daughter that she was not allowed to talk about an of this at school. They also threatened to have the police come and question my daughter and the run aways boyfriend.The run away did not tell my daughter where she was going or what she was doing, ultimately she ran away due abuse in the home. Come to find out the girl was at her other sisters house. The mother of the run away then caught and questioned my daughter and the run aways boyfriend again after school, while the sister stared them down and called them liers. The mom called my daughter twice after that requestioning her; showed up at my mother in laws house where my daughter goes after school until I get home from work; requestioning again.The next day after school the police were sitting behind the run aways boyfriends truck, blocking his truck on school property until he came out. My daughter rides to and from school with this boy, along with another boy. The cop proceeded to tell the run aways boyfriend and the other boy that the run away told them that they smoke pot and pop pills, did not search them but checked to see who was driving and the validity of the licenced person which was my daughter. She was not tested by the school or law enforcement; but would pass if required. My daughter did have an incident involving the run away friend a week before; the girls car broke down and she called my daughter to come get her off the side of the road because her car had to be towed and she could not reach her mother. My daughter did leave school property without permission, for which we punished her for. The school gave her 1 day Saturday school for leaving without permission. They did have proof that the girls car had to be towed. My daughter and the run away were best friends. These are the details that I have and my daughter is asking the girl to ask questions to her parents and put in a text message in writting that they do know the dog handler for many years and they work together as voluteer fire fighters. Should we show up for a meeting with the principal or wait until we obtain a lawer. What about my daughters rights; she does not belong in alternative school. The run away had cigarette tobacco in her car and recieved no consiquences. She only recieved 3 weeks in school suppension for leaving school and running away. Ultimately the only TWO KIDS TO get in an trouble was my daughter and the run aways boyfriend. One of the kids saw the dog tied to the back of a students truck laying down; and that student has told me that he had two 30 packs of beer in that truck yet the dog laying directly under the truck did not bark. Ther does not seem to be a tape of this to show the allerting to the vehicles, or being passed by any other vehicles. My daughter and the boyfriend had forgot to lock their vehicles, so anyone had access to them before they were brought out side. ALSO THE CONSELOR SERCHED MY DAUGHTER BEFORE FINDING ANYTHING IN HER CAR.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.

To Mrs P

Please respond to my reply will be glad to pay again and am very interested on more details, and possably having you write the letter.