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When are boxes in a corporation abandoned by federal law and

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When are boxes in a corporation abandoned by federal law and state law?

If boxes are placed on street for trash pickup, they are abandoned by Federal Law.

A decided to destroy documents at his business after 8 years. A instruct employee B to destroy documents older than 8 years.

1. B takes files out of file cabinet and place in boxes, are these boxes abandoned when placed in box?
2. If B receives a box from C who works in a different department. B is instructed to destroy C box. Is this box abandoned when B receives box from C.
3. When Boxes are placed in trash bins inside the building, are the boxes abandoned?
4. When A tells B to destroy boxes, are boxes abandoned when the order was received?
The boxes are not actually abandoned until such time as they are placed on the street for trash pickup. Even when they are placed in trash bins inside the building those bins are still under your control. Here I am assuming that everyone works for your company. They have to actually leave the property or be turned over to another entity, for example placing them in a dumpster.
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