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My neighbor two doors down owns a building across the street

Resolved Question:

My neighbor two doors down owns a building across the street from our residence(s). Her daughter and another tenants resides in that building. The daugher has stated that the tree in front of that property has lost branches almost striking her car and our neighbor's next door to her. The neighbor has move of the street, parking in front of my "Parking Space" and she has started taking my parking spot in front of my house, there by forcing me to find other places to park.

Before, she parked her car in front of my house for 3.5 days before I politely asked her to move. The next door car has been parked in that same spot for over two weeks. Is there any legal recourse I can take? Q Is it possible to purchase a lone residental parking permit? I do have a handicapped brother that I am responsible for.
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Legal
Expert:  LADYLAWYER replied 7 years ago.



When you say "your spot", is this a designated spot that came with the lease or ownership of your home? Thanks!

Customer: replied 7 years ago.



No. There is not parking lease or anything of that nature. It's a residential street. I know, the street is public and belongs to the city.


Expert:  LADYLAWYER replied 7 years ago.



Darn, I wish your answer would have been different. If it is just public parking and there are no permits required, there is no way to purchase a permit for the reasons you would want one. The best thing I can tell you to do is to call the utilities company and/or the city (or county if that is where this dilapidated tree is located) and file a report for them to come out and trim it. They should do this. Once it is trimmed, hopefully your neighbors will start parking back in front of their building. If you have more questions, I will be happy to answer them. Please accept my answer so I can receive credit for helping you. We can always continue our conversation at no additional charge. Thanks!

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