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My daughter Dawn Marie Bonner Matze was found by her husband

Resolved Question:

My daughter Dawn Marie Bonner Matze was found by her husband Kevin Matze shot in the left side of her head by a 9mm pistol. The police were called and they ruled it a suicide in two hours, before they ever ruled out homicide. Did they ever look at it as a homicide? Statics in Montana say that women very rarely use a gun to commit suicicde furthermore to the head. The evidence they did collect was tainted. The autopsy was performed in Williston, ND. The coroner ruled it suicide/depression. Dawn had visited her physician, Dr. Levy in Sidney, Mt and several test were scheduled for Feb. 11, 2009 because she had been passing out and very light headed. She was found dead at 2 AM on the 11th of Feb. When my husband and I consulted Dr.Levy he told us she was not depressed and certainly not suicidal. Her body was transferred to Sidney for burial and the morticians took us aside and told us they was certain things that did not add up to suicide. After the funeral her body was transfered back to Williston, ND for further examintation and tests. But her body was already embalmed. A month after her death her husband Kevin Matze received 300,000 + from her life insurance policies, which were changed three months before her death. This was done by computer. Dawn was right handed, but supposidly used her left hand. Many more discrepancies are there, but at least you will know why we do not believe our daughter commited suicide. She dedicated her life to the Northwest Human Service Center in Williston and her clients that were mentally ill, disabaled veterans and created programs and housing through grants for the homeless in North Dakota. Suicide was not considered an option for anyone according to Dawn. She made many trips to Jamestown in the middle of the night to save a client, got judges out of bed if necessary. She just received her Masters degree from Waldons University and was in line for the directors of Northwest Human Service Center when her boss retired. Is it odd that she asked her husband for a divorce and ended up killing herself? I as a parent won't believe this. Is there anything we can do? Please respond and advise us. Thank you
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Legal
Expert:  MShore replied 7 years ago.

I am sorry to hear about your loss, your recourse here is to file a civil clam against whom you suspect to have killed your daughter based on wrongful death. From your description, I gather you suspect the husband. As was the case in the OJ Simpson trial, there is a different threshold for a criminal vs. civil case, with the latter being a propenderance of the evidence tending to show that the alleged acts occured more likely than not.

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