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Long story short, my girlfriend and I live in an apartment

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Long story short, my girlfriend and I live in an apartment community and are being harassed by a neighbor when we walk our dogs. We have a 1.5 yr old husky/lab mix that this guy seems bent on provoking into biting him. We walk them on the leash so they are under control. Our dog does get protective when this guy approaches but in our defense he does approach very aggressively. He usually comes out with a video camera to record our dog being vicious but doesn't turn it on until after he has provoked the dog into being protective. Police have been called a couple of times but just say it is a civil issue. It is now to the point that immediately after an incident this guy goes to the front office with his video and reports our dog being aggressive. The apartment management has spoken to us and him and stated that they are leaning towards evicting someone. Won't tell us who but we fear it is us. I have logs of all our encounters with this creep. My gf now lives in fear; what can we do?
You have taken several good steps. Consider seeking a restraining order as well. Consider a lawyer letter warning against further harassment.
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